Next meeting – 10 November

We had a thoroughly enjoyable presentation by Maggie Woodward for our October meeting, and a visit report will follow soon.
Our November meeting is on 10 November when there will be a talk by the renowned author Dick Handscombe So please put the date in your diary.
Cindy has been trying to arrange a talk by Dick for a long time, so we are delighted that we have secured a date at last!
You can find more about the Handscombe’s here

Dick and his wife Clodagh have between them  50 years of gardening in Spain both on the Mediterranean coastal plain and inland. They also have even more experience from visiting family members before coming to live in Spain.

They came to Spain for a less stressful, healthier outdoor lifestyle. They believe strongly that gardens, for both full time residents and absentee owners visiting only for holidays or letting for other peoples holidays, need to be designed or modified to support/enable planned lifestyles in Spain especially to make the best of the best of the weather throughout the year.

Spanish gardens can also be the basis for a gastronomic and healthy diet and they have become self sufficient over the years from a wide diversity of fresh ecologically grown produce.

“In our holistic garden allotment and olive grove we grow flowers, culinary and medicinal herbs, vegetables and fruit and are largely self sufficient in our needs for a healthy Mediterranean diet. Summer shade for siestas, sundowners, al fresco cooking eating and dining is provided by the shade of mature trees and a colourful naya – covered arched terrace. Sheltered sunny warm winter corners are created by wind breaking boundary plant clad walls and internal hedges.

To enable us to produce rich composts for enriching soils for garden beds, containers and the allotment plus invaluable home reared meat and eggs we keep a few chickens and rabbits. Colourful and perfumed flowers create a sensual and sensuous environment in which to dine, paint, relax and maintain the garden.”


2 thoughts on “Next meeting – 10 November

  1. Hi Judith

    Thanks for the info. I’ll be there. If you need any help organising the venue etc. just let me know.



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