Garden Club Visit – Kitty Harri’s Sculpture Garden 15 September

We were 24 in total including 4 guests. It was a clear day and we found the panoramic views across the mountains and valleys to be spectacular. For those club members who had planned to make the trip, but who were unable to do so at the last minute, you really missed a treat.

We were welcomed with a drink and tapas by our delightful host Kitty Hari, and her 2 Australian volunteers.

I arrived a little late due to a flat tire, but heard the story of the gigantic spider with egg sac seen by the visitors arriving at the beginning, which was lurking in the corner of the visitors toilet!

Others may know as successful author Kitty Sewell. Kitty has her own website

Swedish born Kitty gave a little background to the development of the garden over the years, and its opening to the public around a year ago. She explained that she started displaying her own sculptures in the garden – which she built from scratch, planting every tree and bush – and as word got round unofficially, she found other sculptors wanting to work with her and to donate their sculptures, and then more sculptors who wanted to display their works for sale.

The gardens contain a number of exotic trees and shrubs from around the world and many shaded seating areas from which to enjoy the magnificent views of mountain ranges and the Mediterranean.

The lush 2 acre garden has been developed over the years using the funds from the sales of Kitty’s books.

There are many captivating sculptures and mosaics set around the garden that will surely give inspiration to club members with an artistic flair.

Many club members took a lot of photographs, and this report includes a selection of them provided by Gill Jordan, Linda Payne and myself. It was hard to do justice to the creativity using a camera, but many of the photos give a flavour of the work. Well worth another visit!


IMG_4478IMG_4479IMG_4480IMG_4456 IMG_4460IMG_4461 IMG_4462IMG_4463

IMG_4464IMG_4465 IMG_4466IMG_4467 IMG_4468IMG_4476 IMG_4473IMG_4472 IMG_4470Kitty Harri IMG_4481

If more members send me their photos I will add them to the report.

Gill Jordan brought many plants and cuttings for sale to members for club funds.

The raffle prize was won by Elsebeth Weeke.

Kitty also provides workshops for aspiring authors, and in response to a request from a number of club members, offered to put together a workshop on mosaics – more details to follow.


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